How to Calculate Dividend Increase Percentage

How to Calculate Dividend Increase Percentage

One of the core criteria when choosing which stocks to incorporate into your dividend portfolio is the ability of the dividend to grow over time.┬áStrong and profitable companies often will increase their dividend every year in order to reward its shareholders with an even better return. These companies will do a public announcement, also known as the Declaration Date, and will then post details about the dividend including the cash amount, Ex/Eff Date, Record Date and the Payment Date. Continue reading “How to Calculate Dividend Increase Percentage”

All About Ex-Dividend Dates

There are four important dates that a passive income investor has to be familiar with in regards to their dividend portfolio. Today’s post will highlight and explain all four dates that one will encounter and try to answer all questions relating to the confusion behind Ex-Dividend dates and when you have to actually buy a stock in order to qualify for its dividends. Continue reading “All About Ex-Dividend Dates”

Dividend Portfolio Update for April 2017


  • A good month with $103.23 in dividends
  • Car loan officially paid off

April was another solid month in terms of passive income and accomplishing my yearly goals. Nine great companies have paid me this month for simply holding a few of their shares. A great way of acquiring passive income is by holding high quality companies and receiving their quarterly paychecks. Seriously, I recommend it! Continue reading “Dividend Portfolio Update for April 2017”