Dividend Portfolio Update for November 2019

The holiday seasons are upon us and I hope everybody had a good and hearty Thanksgiving meal. I hope the best for you and your family in the upcoming new year. May everybody stay healthy and your dividend portfolios continue to bring joy :).

Nothing too exciting with the portfolio this past month. Well, I shouldn’t say that exactly. This was the first full month of having DRIP activated on my portfolio and it was great seeing my high-quality dividend growth stocks automatically increase themselves. I’m still in the process of bringing my emergency fund back up to its normal amount after a few months of unexpected costs.


  • $293.56 in dividends for the month of November.
  • I added $168.68 to my annual income.

dividend growth november portfolio returns

Account Deposits
No deposits for the month of November. All stock purchases were done with cash in the account or through DRIPs.

Total: +0.00

Dividend Payouts

MAIN Main Street Capital 11.89
PG Proctor Gamble 23.87
ABBV AbbVie Inc. 48.15
O Realty Income 13.17
AAPL Apple 15.4
SDIV Superfund ETF 13.08
LOW Lowes 4.95
CVS CVS 27.5
T AT&T 77.01
VZ Verizon 25.22
GIS General Mills 33.32
Total: $293.56

Added +$293.56 to my account.


  • 5 shares of MO @ $45.15
    Altria continues to be priced at a good value. The dividend yield is touching at 7% and there’s been a sprinkle of good news in the swarm of bad lately. But if you’re okay with riding the waves and buying the low tranches, this is still worthy of a spot in the portfolio. This adds +$16.80 to my annual income.
  • 3 shares of IBM@$136.30
    IBM has its fair share of headwinds and issues that it needs to figure out but I’m okay with sticking it out at the current evaluation. This adds +$19.44 to my annual income.
  • 35 shares of MDP@ $35.25
    A new position to the portfolio. MDP is one of the more interesting companies in my portfolio. They are a diversified media company that operates in Local Media and National Media segments. Primarily their money has been in magazine publishing but they are making moves towards marketing in digital and mobile media, as well as owning television stations.  This adds +$80.50 to my annual income.
  • 2 shares of MMM@ $169.75, 5 shares @ $166.50
    This adds +$40.32 to my annual income.

Total = +$157.06 added to my annual income!


A full month of DRIP’s this time and I couldn’t be more happy. Here’s a quick rundown of them all.

  • 0.649 GIS @ 51.321
    This adds ~$1.27 to my annual income.
  • 0.419 VZ @ 60.2188
    This adds ~$1.03 to my annual income.
  • 1.967 T @ 39.1555
    This adds ~$4.01 to my annual income.
  • 0.405 CVS @ 67.8911
    This adds ~$0.81 to my annual income.
  • 0.044 LOW @ 113.4799
    This adds ~$0.09 to my annual income.
  • 0.058 AAPL @ 264.0599
    This adds ~$0.17 to my annual income.
  • 0.276 MAIN @ 43.1038
    This adds ~$0.67 to my annual income.
  •  0.167 O @ 78.6947
    This adds ~$0.45 to my annual income.
  • 0.54 ABBV @ 89.1165
    This adds ~$2.54 to my annual income.
  • 0.196 PG @ 122.0296
    This adds ~$0.58 to my annual income.

Total = +$11.62 added to my annual income!


I mentioned last month in my dividend portfolio update that I was debating on selling my shares of $PZZA. I definitely weighed the pros and cons and decided to sell.

  • Sold 24 shares of PZZA @ $60.00.


Just seeing the DRIP section of my update makes me happy. As of today, I have every stock in my portfolio DRIPing. Not sure if I will keep it like that but I want to bask in its glory for as long as I can. Hopefully, everything gets back to normal for me financially and I can continue to add more funds to my dividend growth portfolio.

Thanks for reading everybody! If you have any questions, please feel free to leave them in the comment section below.

Dividend Portfolio Update for September 2018

First of all, I need to apologize to my readers for not posting for the last two months. Without getting too personal, I had a big lifestyle change that occurred but now I’m back. Add on top of that, a rather huge expense with my vehicle breaking down that ate all my spare funds for the last two months. When it rains, it pours!

But I believe that people will always be tested and it’s important to keep your eye on the prize. In this case, my prize is an ideal income producing dividend portfolio!

Let’s dig in.

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Dividend Portfolio Update for May 2018

Every month, I like to perform a dividend portfolio update. There’s two reasons why I like to track my investments. The obvious reason is to do it for myself. I like to see which stocks I’m buying and selling. I also love to watch my annual income increase on a monthly basis.

The other reason is I do it for my readers. I find that a lot of people are interested in the stocks that I follow and some love to ask me questions. The dividend growth community is a lovely and welcoming community and I hope it continues and makes a lot of investors financially stable. Sadly, I never learned anything about investing while in school. It was something that i had to pick up by reading articles online. I’m finding that still reigns true as a lot of college graduates come out of college with a job, but no idea on what to do with their money. Let’s do our part in helping them become dividend growth investors!

And now, on with the update!

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Dividend Portfolio Update for April 2018

Not long ago the days were cold and the nights even colder. Now that April has arrived, the weather warmed up and being outside is a much more pleasant experience. Another pleasant experience was seeing that my Dividend Portfolio closed up for the month! After a few red months, just seeing green makes me feel much better.

Let’s go ahead and dive in and see what happened with the portfolio for April 2018!


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