Dividend Portfolio Update for October 2019

I have to start this update by giving an apology to all my readers. I had some personal business that I had to take care of and that resulted in having to redirect all the potential dividend portfolio funds to it instead. It looks like the troubled waters are clearing up and I will be able to go back to supplying my portfolio with its much-needed funding!

A lot of portfolio news has occurred in the last three months. The biggest of which is the fact that I transferred my holdings from Robinhood to TD Ameritrade.  I’m sure everybody has heard of the recent $0 commission for trades that have been occupying the news lately. I believe Charles Schwab was the first to announce it; with TD Ameritrade and Fidelity quickly following suit. Robinhood was a good home for my portfolio when it was smaller. Free trades, simple UI, and the ability to do it quickly from my phone? Great for a beginner. But as my investing strategy matured, I needed something a little more dividend growth-friendly.

And as a long term holder of my dividend growth stocks, it’s pretty vital that my portfolio can DRIP (Dividend Reinvestment Plan). I like the idea of set it and forget it. Great companies can continue to pay me my dividends, which in turn, I will use to purchase even more shares. You might have heard of the infamous Dave Ramsay’s Debt Snowball? Well, this is it’s older and cooler brother – The Income Snowball.  Of course, changing brokers required me to learn a new interface and there are some pros and cons to using TD Ameritrade versus Robinhood. Hopefully one day I will be able to write those thoughts down in a blog post.

The Dividend Growth Portfolio hasn’t been fully stagnant, however. I’ve been using the dividend payouts over the last few months to purchase additional shares of some great companies. I’ll try and capture the last few months of dividend activity in today’s post but please check out my portfolio page if you’re looking for a complete snapshot.

On to the massive update!


  • $1,042.09 in dividends for the last 3 months.
  • I added $113.80 to my annual income.

Dividend Noob October Portfolio Value

The chart probably doesn’t help much because I just moved everything over.

Account Deposits
I added $1,000 to my dividend growth portfolio account back in August. I also cashed out some series EE savings bonds that I was given to as a child. Now I had a decision to make concerning the savings bonds. They had finally matured to their full value and I could have left them to gather interest but they would have done so at an interest rate of around 2%. I went ahead and decided to go ahead and cash those out and transfer the funds over into my portfolio. This added another $1,881.74 to the account.

Total: +$2,881.74

August Dividend Payouts

GIS General Mills $33.32
AT&T AT&T $77.01
VZ Verizon $24.70
CVS CVS $27.50
LOW Lowes $4.95
SDIV SuperDividend ETF $13.40
NGG National Grid $18.05
ABBV AbbVie $36.38
MAIN Main Street Capital $11.89
PG Proctor & Gamble $23.87
O Realty Income $13.14
AAPL Apple $15.40
WRK WestRock $32.31
SBUX Starbucks $15.48
PZZA Papa John’s $5.40
WSM Williams-Sonoma $7.68
CLDT Chatham Lodging $17.05
August Total: $377.53

September Payouts

F Ford $49.65
V Visa $2.50
PSX Phillips 66 $14.40
PFE Pfizer $5.76
SO Southern $27.28
CVX Chevron $7.14
IBM IBM $37.26
TGT Target $29.70
XOM Exxon Mobil $24.36
JNJ Johnson & Johnson $23.75
WBA Walgreens $9.15
MMM 3M $31.68
SDIV SuperDividend ETF $13.40
O Realty Income $13.14
DUK Duke Energy $29.30
MAIN Main Street Capital $11.89
GILD Gilead $12.60
CLDT Chatham Lodging $17.05
TROW T. Rowe Price $19.76
ARCC Ares Capital $42.00
ARCC Ares Capital $2.10
Total: $423.87

October Payouts

KO Coca-Cola $24.80
EMN Eastman Chemical $14.26
MRK Merck $11.00
DEO Diageo $20.79
MO Altria $63.00
SDIV SuperDividend ETF $13.08
MAIN Main Street Capital $11.89
STWD Starwood Property Trust $22.08
CAH Cardinal Health $35.12
Oct Realty Income $13.17
OZK Ozark Bank $11.50
Total: $240.69

3 Month Total : +$1,042.09


  • 10 shares of WRK @ $34.75
    This adds $18.20 to my annual income.
  • 5 shares of EMN @$67.50 and 3 shares of EMN @ 62.45
    This adds $19.84 to my annual income.
  • 3 shares of MMM @ $158.75, 1 share of MMM @ 167.18
    This adds $23.04 to my annual income.
  • 10 shares of MO @ $43.80, 2 shares @ $46.00
    This adds $40.32 to my annual income.
  • 3 shares of JNJ @ $128.65
    This adds $11.40 to my annual income.

Total = +$112.80 added to my annual income!


  • 0.392 shares of OZK @ 29.3006.
    This adds ~$0.36 to my annual income.
  • 0.463 shares of CPB @46.81
    This adds ~$0.64 to my annual income.

Total = +$1.00 added to my annual income!


None. But I am debating on selling all my shares of PZZA because they aren’t a stock that follows my dividend growth criteria. Thoughts?


Just seeing the DRIP section of my update makes me happy. As of today, I have every stock in my portfolio DRIPing. Not sure if I will keep it like that but I want to bask in its glory for as long as I can. Hopefully, everything gets back to normal for me financially and I can continue to add more funds to my dividend growth portfolio.

Thanks for reading everybody! If you have any questions, please feel free to leave them in the comment section below.

Grocery Budget – February 2017 Part 1


The last grocery budget post got some good responses in viewership so I’m going to go ahead and do another budget for the month of February. We usually do our shopping twice a month so this post will chronicle what was purchased today, and will be the food we consume for the first 2 weeks in the month.

We try to time our grocery purchases to fall at the beginning of a weekly sales period. This gives us the best chance to pick up what we need to on sale.

I typically buy food from two locations. One is a store called Piggly Wiggly and the other is a discount food store called Save-a-lot. I find that sale prices at these places tend to be much cheaper than just purchasing everything at Wal-mart or Food Lion. As an added bonus, both locations are right next to each other where we live so that makes it easier to search for the lowest prices.

Now I purchased quite a lot at Save-a-lot this time compared to the previous month. Their deals seemed to dwarf over Piggly Wiggly but that’s okay. Here’s the grocery list that I made. Read last month’s post on how I make it.


The first stop was Save-a-lot, so let’s go ahead and look at the receipt and see what I purchased.


  • Apple Juice – $0.99 –  (x2) My son drinks a lot of juice so we can’t keep enough of this.
  • Avocados -$0.57 – (x2) Big fan of fresh fruits and I like to eat some avocado for breakfast.
  • Chef Boyardee Cans – $0.99 – (x5) This was originally going to be purchased at Piggly Wiggly but it’s a penny cheaper here so I decided to pick it up. Saved a big 5 cents!
  • Butter Rounds – $1.79 – (x2) These are basically just store brand Ritz Crackers. Tastes the same to me and a lot cheaper.
  • Pudding – $.0.89 – (x2) A 4 pack of pudding and generally cheaper than usual. Good for a snack.
  • Chili w/ Beans – $.99 – (x2) I bought this last month and it ended up being pretty decent. Decided to pick up 2 more for a quick meal.
  • Chicken Drums – $0.79 – Who doesn’t love chicken.
  • Banquet Frozen Meals – $0.89 – (x2) Lazy meal that’s cheap. Can’t beat it.
  • Chicken Stir Fry – $2.99 – This was an impulse buy. Basically it’s a frozen bag of stir fry that you heat up and serve and it includes the chicken. Seemed like a good deal. Hopefully it’s tasty.
  • Coconut Water– $0.99 – Impulse buy. I just wanted to have some.
  • Bubba Cola – $0.89 – (x2) My vice is soda and here is their store brand for 89 cents. Doesn’t taste half bad either.
  • Pasta Sauce – $0.99 – (x2) Cheap pasta sauce. Grabbed a Meat and Garlic Herb one.
  • Hershey Kisses – $0.99 – (x2) This was actually a reduced item that was marked as damaged even though I didn’t see anything wrong with it.
  • Hershey 6 pack bars – $1.99 (x2) Again, reduced and didn’t see anything wrong with it. Lots of chocolate in the house now. Wife and Kid will be pleased.
  • Hawaiian Rolls – $1.15 – Reduced cause cause it was suppose to be damage. Saw nothing wrong with them.
  • Hamburger Buns – $0.99 – Going to grill burgers this week and I prefer the cheap buns to the fancy ones.
  • Kettle Chips – $1.79 – Decided to try their store brand and it’s cheap.
  • Kosher Dill Pickles – $1.79 – (x2) Wife loves to eat pickles. Who am I to stop it.
  • Green peppers – $0.69 – (x3) Yum Vegetables.
  • Pepsi 2L – $0.95 – (x2) More soda to please my vice center of the brain.
  • Pringles  – $0.99 (x2) More snacks.
  • Pretzels – $0.99 (x2) More snacks.
  • Sloppy Joe Sauce – $0.79  (x2) – I was originally going to pick up the brand name but the store brand is 10 cents less and appears to have similar ingredients.
  • Turkey Pot Pie – $0.79 (x2) – Lazy meal.
  • Watermelon Slices – $1.98 –  Impulse buy because they looked good.

This trip to Save-a-lot cost us $50.60. I was going to purchase more Chicken Drumsticks but apparently the freezer is still a little full with previous food. Time to rotate the old food to the front to get it used first!

Up next is Piggly Wiggly. I didn’t buy a lot from there today but they had a decent deal on ground beef so I decided to pick up about 5 pounds of it. We’ll freeze them in one pound bags and use them as needed.


i forgot to take pics of the receipts but you get the picture.



Setting Up Robinhood Auto Deposit – Pay Yourself First

There’s a popular phrase in the finance world called Pay yourself first. Before you do anything like pay bills, pay loans or even buy food, your first payment should be auto deposited straight away into your account. This core benefit of pay yourself first is increasing your nest egg every month, which gives people a bigger incentive to continue doing it. Looking at your investment account grow every month is far better than watching your checking account get drained.  :mrgreen:

It also adds a layer of security in case any one time emergencies pop up and ensures that whatever happens, you have the financial means to take care of it. If your car breaks down, no worries, because you have the cash on hand to get it fixed. This alleviates a lot of the financial stress that people have when it comes to paying bills that need to be paid.

In order to combat that financial stress,you should set up your savings or investment account to automatically deposit funds from your main checking account.

So how do we set up auto-deposit on Robinhood? It’s easy.

Once you’re logged into your account:

1)Open up the Menu by pressing the top left icon
2)Press Banking

3)Automatic Deposits
4)Add Automatic Deposit

5)Select how often you would like it to deposit. (I get paid twice a month, so that’s what I do)

6)Input how much you would like to transfer
7) Review and Confirm

The Robinhood App makes it very easy to set up auto-deposit and I believe everybody should do it. Remember, Pay Yourself First!


Grocery Budget – January 2017

I believe it’s time to experiment with a new type of post. I’m not sure how well this will go over but I figure some people might find it interesting on how I spend my money when it comes to buying food. Now, I already talked about my budget and how much I allocate every month to food. I went shopping today and decided that I would post the receipts and talk about what I purchased.

In the past, we would just shop at Walmart for everything and when they introduced their Savings Catcher App, we thought we were just saving even more. I never really bothered with shopping around because I just thought I could afford it. And I can, but it’s not a smart way of getting the most out of our paychecks

I first start off by viewing the grocery stores weekly ads online. I believe almost every store does this now and a simple google search will show you what stores are near by. This trip I decided to stop at Piggly Wiggly and a discount food store named Save-A-Lot since they are right next to each other where I live. The weekly ads on their websites allow you to “Add” items to your shopping list and then email/print them out for use in the store. This makes a convenient way to make lists. You can view the ads for  Piggly Wiggly’s and Save-A-Lot if you feel so inclined.

To make it easier, I simply copy each item with the price into a program called Zim. I like this program cause I can easily add check boxes to each item which allows me to simply check them off as I find them at the store. Then I can just print it off like normal. You can do the same thing in notepad or just go off the emails if you want, the choice is up to you!

Here’s what I wanted to pick up from the weekly ads.



I don’t usually go into the store with a plan on what meals to make, even though I probably should. I like to just pick up the things I know my family and I will eat and then go from there. The items on the bottom without checkboxes are just things that need to be picked up. When it comes to meat and vegetables, we just make meals based on whatever is on sale. There’s usually some form of chicken or beef on sale every week and thankfully no one in our family is a picky eater. Dark meat or white meat is just fine for us!

The first stop was Piggly Wiggly. Here’s the receipt with what got purchased.

Click to Enlarge

The cheese was not on sale so I paid full price for it. Up next is Sunny D for a buck each. I decided to pick up two since my son loves to drink juice and I sometimes feel nostalgic for it. The banquet meals for $1 each are what I call “lazy meals.” It’s for when we don’t want to cook but want to eat something. I also use it whenever the wife and kid are gone and I want to eat something.

Up next are two huge bags of crinkle cut french fries for $1.50 each. Everybody loves french fries and this is way cheaper than getting them from Mcdonald’s. I also picked up some pop tarts for 3/$5. I’m not that big of a fan of them but my wife and son love them, so who am I to keep it from them.

The best deal comes from my meat purchases. I bought two packages of boneless chicken breasts for $1.49 a lb. One of the packages was frozen and went straight into the freezer. The other was put in the fridge to be used this week. It’s a great price for chicken breast though!

I also bought a five pound box of bacon for $10. I didn’t know what to expect from them but when we got them home, I was surprised that it’s just a big box of slices. And with bacon prices going up lately (single packages of bacon are going for $3-4), I figure this might be a gamble that pays off. We went ahead and broke the box down and put the bacon in a few freezer bags. Whenever we need bacon, we can just pull out one freezer bag for the week.

I originally went for Bounty paper towels for 9.99, but when getting there realized that their store brand was cheaper per sq ft. There’s a few things that I don’t want to skimp on, like toilet paper, but for paper towels, this is more than fine. I also didn’t pick up the T-bones because, quite frankly, they didn’t look so great.

For a total of $66.91. Not a bad haul from Piggly Wiggly.

Up next is the haul from Save-A-Lot, a local discount food store here in North Carolina.


I picked up quite a few cans of beans and diced tomatoes for some chili that I plan on making in the future. At 59 cents a can, you can’t really beat that. Some notable standouts was a 15-ct box of corndogs for $4.99 which, again, is mostly for that lazy meal that we find ourselves wanting to have. We’re also trying some store brand food with their Mac-n-cheese and their store cheese nips that are both $1.49 each. Also 2 for 88 cent Yoplait yogurt is a heck of a deal.

Again, for $58.72 this is a pretty decent haul. The weird oddity here is the Frozen Pork Tails for $9.78. Not sure why they came up as pig tails since I definitely picked up Ribeyes and I verified the package as well as the price per lb.

This grocery shopping day should last us through the month and put us under our $300 food budget by about $60 bucks. What I’ll do is go ahead and deposit the $60 bucks into my dividend portfolio next month to take advantage of the extra money.

Thanks for reading, I’ll try and do this again in 2 weeks for February!