Dividend Portfolio Update for December 2018

By far the worst month in my history of investing or at least active investing wise. My portfolio dropped a staggering 9.3%, which equates to almost $8.5k in value. Am I worried? Not at all. Markets go up and markets go down all the time. As a long term dividend growth investor, I see these dips in the market as buying opportunities. Too bad the dip occurred in one of my most busy spending months of the year.

Oh well, I don’t plan on retiring just yet so I’m sure they’re will be more opportunities in the future. On to the update!

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Dividend Portfolio Update for November 2018

First off, I want to say Happy Holidays to everybody out there. The next two months will be very busy and I just want everybody to have a great holiday!

In other news, Robinhood had some issues this month when they changed over to using their own Clearing House. This apparently stopped dividends from being paid out for over a week. While it didn’t really impact me that much (or at least enough for me to care), a lot of people were unhappy with it. And I can side with the people on this one. When a company decides to make a major change like that, the least they could do is actually test and make sure it doesn’t break anything. But everything is fixed now, and all the dividend payments I had pending are now safely in my portfolio account.

Let’s get to the good stuff now.

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Dividend Portfolio Update for October 2018

Happy belated Halloween readers!

I hope everyone had a great October. The fall season is upon us and the weather around here went from a toasty 90+ degrees to 60 degrees almost overnight. Crazy how the world functions.

Another crazy thing has been the stock market this month. We almost had all the gains from the beginning of 2018 get wiped away with the recent pull back. And while prices are still pretty high overall, there’s still some good value to be found in high quality blue chip dividend stocks.

Let’s get started!


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Dividend Portfolio Update for September 2018

First of all, I need to apologize to my readers for not posting for the last two months. Without getting too personal, I had a big lifestyle change that occurred but now I’m back. Add on top of that, a rather huge expense with my vehicle breaking down that ate all my spare funds for the last two months. When it rains, it pours!

But I believe that people will always be tested and it’s important to keep your eye on the prize. In this case, my prize is an ideal income producing dividend portfolio!

Let’s dig in.

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Dividend Portfolio Update for May 2018

Every month, I like to perform a dividend portfolio update. There’s two reasons why I like to track my investments. The obvious reason is to do it for myself. I like to see which stocks I’m buying and selling. I also love to watch my annual income increase on a monthly basis.

The other reason is I do it for my readers. I find that a lot of people are interested in the stocks that I follow and some love to ask me questions. The dividend growth community is a lovely and welcoming community and I hope it continues and makes a lot of investors financially stable. Sadly, I never learned anything about investing while in school. It was something that i had to pick up by reading articles online. I’m finding that still reigns true as a lot of college graduates come out of college with a job, but no idea on what to do with their money. Let’s do our part in helping them become dividend growth investors!

And now, on with the update!

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