Dividend Portfolio Update for December 2016


December is known to be one of the biggest holiday months of the year and no matter what holiday you celebrate, I hope everybody found some time to be with your love ones and enjoy the season. The month is also known as the month of giving and as it relates to dividends, it was a very blessed month with some high quality dividend stocks giving back plenty to my account. (That was cheesy, I know)

Let’s take a look at what happened to the Dividend Portfolio last month!


As always, I set up my Robinhood account to auto-deposit from my checking account to the tune of $150 twice a month. This coincides with the date that my paycheck from my day job clears into my account. This puts me with at least $300 a month to invest each and every month.

I had anticipated that the month of December would wain heavily on my additional deposit that I try to accomplish every month on top of the auto-deposit. With that being said, I still managed to deposit and additional $250 into the account. No idea what to buy just yet, but I’m sure there’s some good quality dividend stocks for a beginner like me to find.

.Total: $150 + $150 + $250 = $550


It was a very strong month in terms of payouts with the dividend portfolio returning $230.23 in dividend income. The following table lists them out.

PSX 15 shares @ $0.63 = $9.45
F 50 shares @ $0.15 = $7.50
JNJ 10 shares @ $0.80 = $8.00
SO 15 shares @ $0.56 = $8.40
SDIV 100 shares @ $0.12 = $12.05
MAIN 77 shares @ $0.18 = $14.25
KO 62 shares @ $0.35 = $21.70
FLO 150 shares @$0.16 = $24.00
DUK 20 shares @ $0.86 = $17.10
MAIN 77 shares @ $0.28= $21.18
TROW 46 shares @ $0.54 = $24.84
ARCC 100 shares @ $0.38 = $38.00
CLDT 216 shares @ $0.11 $23.76
Total for December:  $230.23

This definitely makes up for the lack of income from November! 


I purchased quite a bit in the December.

  • 10 shares V @75.50

Visa has been on a dip since November and I decided to pick some shares up. Thankfully I seemed to have gotten the shares near the bottom and it has been increasing slowly back towards its price. The current yield is pretty low at just .84% but I’m confident that they will continue to grow as credit card’s continue to be the way a lot of people pay for things. V adds $6.60 to my annual income!

  • 7 shares DUK @72.60

I continue to add to my position of DUK as it took a dip. Not a big addition but a cheap one nonetheless. It has since seen a bump back up and I’m only regretful that I didn’t purchase more at that price. I wanted to be careful and not overextend myself. @72 a share, that put DUK’s yield up towards 4.7% which is amazing.   DUK adds $23.94 to my annual income!

  • 15 shares HCN @61.48

Welltower Inc is an independent equity REIT that engages in senior living and health care properties. They too also recently hit a dip and rebounded. I managed to purchase them near the low of that dip as well. I feel I might be overinvesting with REIT’s lately but the yields can be alluring. Evening out investments in other sectors in the future, I hope will alleviate the issue. HCN is currently over a 5% yield still. HCN adds $51.60 to my annual income!

  • 10 shares OHI @ 28.70

Omega Healthcare Investors is another REIT that specializes in long-term healthcare facilities. Another case of a stock taking a rather vicious hit and rebounding. This was to add to the positions I had already. OHI adds $24.40 to my annual income!

  • 10 shares DEO @ 100.00

It wouldn’t look like it but DEO just oozes name recognition with their various labels of alcohol. With names like Smirnoff, Captain Morgan, Baileys, Guinness and Crown Royal, they definitely have been ingrained in our culture. They also hit their new 52 week low for the year and I decided to take a bite. Another good sense of timing as the stock has since went back up. I managed to snag it with a yield of 3.1%. This adds $31.20 to my annual income!

I also started a new Dogs of the Dow Experiment that you can read up on if you haven’t yet. The stock found me buying ten additional stocks that I’ll quickly outline below.

3 shares of IBM @ 165.90 5 shares of CAT @ 92.80
9 shares of MRK @ 58.80 15 shares of PFE @ 32.50
6 shares of PG @ 84.05 3 shares of BA @ 155.78
17 shares of CSCO @ 30.20 10 shares of VZ @ 53.40
5 shares of XOM @ 90.40 4 shares of CVX @ 117.65

These 10 stocks add $149.18 to my annual income.


  • 4 shares TSLA @ 200.25

I did a little flip of TSLA for a little over 6% profit. Not that big of a profit considering I only had 4 share, but enough to purchase an additional share of something in the future. I’m sure this flipping will come back to haunt me but anytime I see a stock undervalued, it makes me anxious to flip it. I need to stop that.

  • 67 shares of CLDT @ 20.69

I had a good run with CLDT. It dipped pretty hard for awhile and I average down to compensate, all while taking their monthly dividends. It’s since rebounded to give me about a 11% return in growth. I felt I was way too heavy into CLDT (It was about 13% of my portfolio). I like CLDT though, so if they happen to dip back down to $16/$17 again I might take a nibble. This drops my annual income by $88.44.

  • 77 shares of MAIN @ 36.78

Main was one of the first few stocks that I purchased once my Dividend Growth Portfolio was up and running. The attractive yield, monthly payments and growth is what originally attracted me to it. They have since exploded in share price. The stock price grew about 24% as well as awarded me monthly dividends for the entire year. On average, I was getting about $14 dollars a month in dividends alone! They also paid out 2 special dividends for the year! Right now, I feel they are very expensive for the price and I decided to go ahead and cash out. I wouldn’t mind going back into them if they ever dipped back below $30.


You can always view my current dividend portfolio.

That’s it for the month of December!  Next month is a whole new year with a new president. Not sure what to expect but I’ll do what I can  in order to achieve the passive income dream!


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