Dividend Noob’s May Dividend Payout

The month of May was pretty sparse on stock purchases. While the stock market is pretty turbulent, with a lot of investors holding their money in cash, I made the decision to purchase a few stocks. You can check out my portfolio to see my latest holdings. I did sell off HCP for reasons that you can read here. Dividend payouts were good although it didn’t quite reach the payouts that I received last month.


Stocks with Dividend Payout

  • T–          25 shares @ $0.48 = $12.00
  • POT–     48 shares @ $0.25 = $ 12.00
  • AAPL–   20 shares @ $0.57 = $11.40
  • ABT–       5 shares @ $0.26 = $1.30
  • MAIN–   52 shares @ $0.18 = $9.36
  • HCP–    30 shares @ $0.57 = $17.25
  • CLDT–  32 shares @ $0.11 = $3.52

Total for May: $66.83

Not a bad little haul over the course of a month. Passive income is a great thing and with the power of dividends, I can get paid to do nothing. I have about $7k in cash sitting in my account, just waiting on future purchases. Anything I can do to raise the dividend payouts is what I’m after. While the overall market is shaky, I’m sure there are some great growth companies out there that I just need to stumble across. I hope everybody had a good month as well!

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