Dividend Portfolio Update for December 2017

Holiday season was in full bloom in the month of December and I hope everybody made some time for the love ones! As we ring in the new year, it’s nice to look back at my portfolio growth from December of last year. My dividend payout has increased 24% since last Decembers. I hope I can continue similar growth in the new year!

Enough blabbing, let’s go ahead with the update


  • $286.08 in dividends
  • Added $1,400 to dividend portfolio


Account Deposits

As usual, I automatically pull out $200 per paycheck with automatic deposit and at the end of the month I throw whatever is left into the account. With Christmas and the holidays coming up, I’ve lowered the amount I would usually put into the account. Still, $1,400 isn’t too shabby.

$200 + $200 + $1,000 = $1,400

Dividend Payouts

December’s dividend payout is on the higher end this time. To put it into perspective, the money that I’ve received in dividends is more than enough to pay for my electric, water bill, Netflix, Preschool and both our phone bills for the month! That’s insane.

$11.20 PSX
$5.12 PFE
$22.05 F
$1.95 V
$13.92 SO
$12.00 IBM
$27.90 TGT
$6.48 CVX
$12.32 XOM
$12.39 SDIV
$8.40 JNJ
$4.00 WBA
$22.94 KO
$18.70 FLO
$0.95 MAIN
$26.70 DUK
$1.38 MAIN Special
$10.40 GILD
26.22 TROW
$38.00 ARCC
$3.06 DKS
17.05 CLDT

Monthly Total: +$286.08

Using Google Docs, I keep a running spreadsheet of how much dividend income I receive every month. I think it’s important to realize the growth of your passive income over time. In December 2016, I received $230.23 in dividend income. If we do the math, that means my November dividend income has increased +24% compared to the previous year.

Stock Purchases


With a market at an all time high, I’ve been mostly hoarding cash and looking for strong dividend plays. If anybody has any ideas, let me know!

Stock Sells



Another year has come and gone and my passive income keeps increasing. With markets at a all time new high, I’ve become a bit gun shy on pulling the trigger on buying new stocks.

Thanks again for reading!

4 thoughts on “Dividend Portfolio Update for December 2017

  1. Dividend Portfolio Reply

    Congrats on a success December Noob. You also gave me an idea regarding the need to track your increases every year on a spreadsheet. I didn’t start tracking my dividends until March or so of last year and so, in about three months, I’ll be able to see my YoY returns.

    In any case, it’s impressive the share number of companies that paid you dividends. You had more companies that paid you dividends more than I have in my entire portfolio. Looking forward to following your progress in 2018.

  2. Rodney Reply

    This comment has nothing to do with the article, but with StockTwits. You wrote a script to link some financial websites within the framework of StockTwits. They have updated their website, and your script no longer works. I am wondering if you have plans to update your script to work with the new website? I miss it…lol. Thanks.

    • Dividend Noob - David Post authorReply

      I took a brief look at it over the weekend and they changed quite a bit. I’ll have to dig deeper and figure out what exactly they did that keeps the script from loading.

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