Dividend Portfolio Update for April 2018

Not long ago the days were cold and the nights even colder. Now that April has arrived, the weather warmed up and being outside is a much more pleasant experience. Another pleasant experience was seeing that my Dividend Portfolio closed up for the month! After a few red months, just seeing green makes me feel much better.

Let’s go ahead and dive in and see what happened with the portfolio for April 2018!



  • $140.37 in dividends
  • Added $3,400 to dividend portfolio cash
  • Added $225.63 to my annual income.

April Dividend Portfolio Return


Account Deposits

As usual, I automatically pull out $200 per paycheck with automatic deposit and at the end of the month I throw whatever is left into the account. I also decided to add an additional $3k into the account.

$200 + $200 +$3,000 = +$3,400

Dividend Payouts

Here are the companies that paid me dividends this month:

$24.18 KO
$9.60 MRK
$7.70 MO
$14.00 DEO
$12.39 SDIV
$0.95 MAIN
$10.64 CAH
$12.51 O
$22.08 STWD
$6.27 CSCO
$3.00 GE
$17.05 CLDT

Using Google Docs, I keep a running spreadsheet of how much dividend income I receive every month. I think it’s important to realize the growth of your passive income over time. In April 2017, I received $103.23 in dividend income. If we do the math, that means my April dividend income has increased +36% compared to the previous year.

Monthly Total: +$140.37

Stock Purchases

I bought quite a few things this month.

  • 30 shares of ENB@ $30.90
    Enbridge is a Canadian energy transportation and distribution company. They have been paying yearly increasing dividends for the last 22 years and currently sit at a yield of 6.8%. Their 3 YR DGR currently sits over 13%. This adds roughly +$62.40 to my annual income.
  • 18 shares of MO @ 61.30
    Altria continues to get hammered and has even dipped substantially since I originally purchased it. It sits at over 5% yield with an 8% DGR. I potentially may buy more. This adds +$50.40 to my annual income.
  • 10 shares of PG @ $75.15
    This dividend juggernaut needs no introduction. It’s been paying increasing dividends for the last 61 years and currently sits at a 4% yield. It’s been taking a hit recently so I’ve been taking the opportunity to add more shares. I potentially may buy more at these prices. This adds +$28.70 to my annual income.
  • 9 shares of CAH @ $62.35
    Still buying more on the drop. This adds +$16.65 to my annual income.
  • 20 shares of MO @ $56.15
    Dropped a lot, so I bought more later in the month. This adds +$56.00 to my annual income.
  • 4 shares of PG @ $72.25
    This adds +$11.48 to my annual income.

Total = +225.63 to my annual income

Stock Sells



In the month of April, I continued to grow my dividend portfolio with good companies. It seems like the market keeps hitting the stocks that I’m buying, so I continue to nibble them on the way down. I should wait but I guess I’m glutton for punishment. Until next time!

Please feel free to check out my new portfolio and dividend champion screener pages.

Thanks again for reading my Dividend Portfolio Update for April 2018!

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