Dividend Portfolio Update for February 2018

February was the worst month for the U.S. markets since the presidential election with the market closing down almost -4%. This of course follows one of the better months for the stock market with the S&P index being up 5.6% in January. The market was in full reaction mode with the announcement of potentially new tariff’s for imported steel and aluminum.

The portfolio overall value definitely took a big size hit this month but I’m still not worried. I managed to passively make a good chunk of money due to my holding of  high quality dividend stocks.

Another bit of portfolio news, HCN is now called WELL.


  • $130.46 in dividends
  • Added $2,400 to dividend portfolio cash
  • Added $36.17 to my annual income.

Feb 2018 Dividend Portfolio

Account Deposits

As usual, I automatically pull out $200 per paycheck with automatic deposit and at the end of the month I throw whatever is left into the account. Last month I mentioned that I was going to curb back my deposits into the account due to the markets reaching all time highs. Well now it looks like that was probably a mistake with the markets being so volatile. I decided to go ahead and put an additional $2k into it for any potential plays.

$200 + $200 +$2,000 = $2,400

Dividend Payouts

Here are the companies that paid me dividends this month:

$20.50 T
$24.19 VZ
$11.50 CVS
$3.69 LOW
$12.39 SDIV
$36.96 OHI
$0.95 MAIN
$4.83 PG
$13.05 WELL
17.05 CLDT
$5.85 WSM

Using Google Docs, I keep a running spreadsheet of how much dividend income I receive every month. I think it’s important to realize the growth of your passive income over time. In February 2017, I received $86.37 in dividend income. If we do the math, that means my February dividend income has increased +51.05% compared to the previous year.

Monthly Total: +$130.46

Stock Purchases

I didn’t buy as much as I would have liked this month. I hope to continue adding to it in the upcoming months however!

  • 3 shares of CVS @$69.50
    I might have gotten in CVS a little to early. The stock has since fallen 7% since I originally purchased it. I do plan on averaging down throughout the months. It currently yields 2.89% with a 5 YR Dividend Growth Rate of a whopping 25%! This adds +$6.00 to my annual income.
  • 7 shares of O @$50.40
    Added some more shares to this monthly paying REIT with 25 years of increasing dividends. It’s currently yielding 5.1% with a 5YR DGR of 7.4% This adds +$18.41 to my annual income.
  • 7 shares of DIS @$103.95
    I have a love/hate relationship with DIS for the last few years. The market loves to hold this stock between two support and resistance levels and I end up flipping the stock more than holding it. I still do love the company so I don’t mind. It currently yields 1.6% and has a 5 YR DGR of 22%. This adds +$11.76 to my annual income.

Total = +36.17 to my annual income

Stock Sells



A rather lackluster month in terms of buying stocks. I guess I should be happy with any month where I’m able to increase my annual income!

Please feel free to check out my new portfolio and dividend champion screener pages.

Thanks again for reading my Dividend Portfolio Update for February 2018!

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