Dividend Portfolio Update for July 2019

The eventual goal of my dividend growth portfolio is to provide enough passive income to live off of. And while I won’t be relying on it anytime soon, the income it’s currently creating will be used to continue buying even more shares and the wealth snowball will grow even bigger!

I plan to always buy great dividend producing companies and take advantage of the fact that they raise their dividend EVERY year. That’s like getting a raise from each and every company, every…single…year.

In other news, a few things have changed in my life. I recently took a new job that has the option of putting some of my paycheck into a Employee Stock Purchase Plan. I’m still unsure whether or not I want to take advantage of that. Also with the new job, I have the option of rolling my old employer 401k into the new company. Again, I’m unsure what I will be doing with that but thankfully I’m not in a time crunch to get it done.

On to the update…


  • $257.17 in dividends
  • Added $1,000 cash to the portfolio
  • Added $50.28 to my annual income.
Captured the image late so it’s not accurate but close enough.


Account Deposits
I added $1,000 to my dividend growth portfolio account. Still not quite where I want it to be in contribution terms, but much better than the $0 months of the past.

Dividend Payouts
Here are the companies that paid me dividends for the month of July:

KO Coca Cola $24.80
EMN Eastman Chemical $9.30
MRK Merck $11.00
MO Altria $59.20
SDIV Superfund ETF $13.93
MAIN Main Street Capital $11.89
O Realty Income $13.14
STWD Starwood Property $22.08
CAH Cardinal Health $35.12
OZK Bank OZK $11.04
CSCO Cisco $6.65
GE General Electric $0.25
CLDT Chatham Lodging Trust $17.05
CPB Campbell Soup $21.70
Total: $257.15

Using Google Docs, I keep a running spreadsheet of how much dividend income I receive every month. I think it’s important to realize the growth of your passive income over time. In July 2018, I received $199.84 in dividend income. If we do the math, that means my June dividend income has increased +28.7% compared to the previous year!

Monthly Total: +$257.15

Stock Purchases
I purchased 2 shares of ABBV @ $70.25 and 9 shares @ $67.35.
This adds +$47.08 to my annual income.

I purchased 1 share of MO @ $49.10.
This adds +$3.20 to my annual income

Added Annual Income: +$50.28

Stock Sales

Portfolio News

  • Bank OZK declares $0.24/share quarterly dividend, 4.3% increase from prior dividend of $0.23.
  • Duke Energy declares $0.945/share quarterly dividend, 1.9% increase from prior dividend of $0.9275.
  • Walgreens Boots declares $0.4575/share quarterly dividend, 4% increase from prior dividend of $0.44.

Overall the month of July was decent for my dividend growth portfolio. The portfolio returned $257.15 in dividend payouts and I took tose funds to purchase additional shares of some great companies. I also am back to contributing to my dividend growth portfolio on a monthly basis.

I’m curious what other people think about $ABBV. Feel free to comment down below!


One thought on “Dividend Portfolio Update for July 2019

  1. Doug Reply

    Good job. some good companies paying you and you added some nice income from your buys. Keep it up.

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