Dividend Portfolio Update for November 2018

First off, I want to say Happy Holidays to everybody out there. The next two months will be very busy and I just want everybody to have a great holiday!

In other news, Robinhood had some issues this month when they changed over to using their own Clearing House. This apparently stopped dividends from being paid out for over a week. While it didn’t really impact me that much (or at least enough for me to care), a lot of people were unhappy with it. And I can side with the people on this one. When a company decides to make a major change like that, the least they could do is actually test and make sure it doesn’t break anything. But everything is fixed now, and all the dividend payments I had pending are now safely in my portfolio account.

Let’s get to the good stuff now.


  •  $254.63 in dividends
  • Added $2,400 to the portfolio
  • Added $161.41 to my annual income.
  • $51.87 in side hustle money

Account Deposits
Like usual, $200 comes out of my paycheck with automatic deposit and at the end of the month, I throw whatever is left into the account. I was also able to add an additional $2,000 into the account for November. With the holiday season coming up, I don’t suspect I’ll be adding much for December. But a man can dream.

$200 +$200 +$2,000 = +$2,400

Dividend Payouts
Here are the companies that paid me dividends for the month of November:

CVS CVS Pharmacy $23.00
T AT&T $63.50
VZ Verizon $24.70
GIS General Mills $31.85
LOW Lowe’s $4.32
AAPL Apple $1.46
WELL Welltower $13.05
SDIV Global X SuperDividend ETF $13.66
O Realty Income $12.79
MAIN Main Street Capital $3.32
PG Proctor & Gamble $22.23
WSM Williams-Sonoma $6.45
ABBV AbbVie $3.84
PIZZA Papa John’s $3.15
WRK WestRock $11.83
SBUX Starbucks $15.48
Total 254.63

Using Google Docs, I keep a running spreadsheet of how much dividend income I receive every month. I think it’s important to realize the growth of your passive income over time. In Nov 2017, I received $137.10 in dividend income. If we do the math, that means my November dividend income has increased a whopping +85.7% compared to the previous year.

Monthly Total: +$254.63

Stock Purchases

I purchased 8 shares of T@ $30.60.

I continue to buy this Dividend Champion due to it’s enticing yield. While people have grown cautious due to it’s recent merger with Time Warner and the increased debt load, I’m pretty confident that AT&T will come out ahead. It currently sits at a 6.3% yield with a 5-yr DGR of 2.2%. This adds +$16.00 to my annual income.

I purchased 5 share of IBM @ $116.00.

IBM dipped hard from a combination of earnings as well as the recent acquisition of Red Hat ($RHT). They paid a hefty $34 billion for the company and many are questioning why they overpaid so heavily. I believe they’re will be good synergy between the companies but I can agree with the sentiment on its heavy cost. This adds $31.40 to my annual income.

I purchased 4 shares of AAPL @ $200.88.

This juggernaut needs no introduction. It’s been trading down recently and there’s a chance I might nibble a few more shares in the future. It currently sits at a dividend yield of 1.5%. This adds $11.68 to my annual income.

I purchased 27 shares of MAIN @ $38.10.

I’ve been wanting to increase my share count on this monthly dividend payer for awhile now. I was in the stock last year but decided to sell out when the share price went high. I’m more comfortable buying at these levels but i would love for this to take another dip down. This adds $63.18 to my annual income.

I purchased 5 shares of XOM @ $77.25.

Exxon has a current yield of over 4% and has a 5-yr DGR of 7%. This was done mostly to average down on my position This adds $16.40 to my annual income.

I purchased 10 shares of F @ $9.30

They currently sit at a 6.4% dividend yield and have been paying increasing yearly dividends for the last 6 years. Their 5-year dividend growth rates sit at 25.2%! For those who like a little bit of risk for a higher yield, $F is really attractive at these levels. Current payout ratio of 45% This adds +$6.00 to my annual income.

I purchased 3 share of GIS @ 42.00.

For the last few months, I’ve been adding to my positions of consumer staples. The price has gone up considerably since I started so I’ll only be nibbling at these levels. This adds $5.88 to my annual income.

The following stocks are my Manual DRIP’s. To save everybody some time and effort in reading, I’ll just list their names and the total annual income increase.  I added 1 share of the following stocks- PG, WSM, ABBV, and CVS. This adds $10.87 to my annual income.

Total : +161.41 to my annual income.

Stock Sells

I sold 30 shares of ENB at $31.50. This closes my position.

I managed to sell in the green (but not by much). No real big reason but I wanted to use the funds to purchase other stocks.

Portfolio News

  • Campbell and Third point strike board deal. Campbell is apparently adding two board members from Third Point. Maybe we’ll see some good profitable changes from it?
  • Main Street Capital has announced they are doing away with their semi-annual special dividend, opting to spread the funds out over the regular monthly dividend.

Side Hustle

Something that I wanted to do more, that for one reason or another never came to fruition, is work on side hustles to increase my monthly income. Every morning when I take my son to school, I like to stop into the local thrift store and see if there’s any good deals. Well, this month I was lucky to find some video games for $0.69 that I then flipped on Ebay. After shipping and fees, I managed to get a profit of $51.87!

Total: +$51.87


In the month of November, I continued to grow my dividend portfolio with some good purchases of some great companies.. Please feel free to check out my new portfolio .

Thanks again for reading my Dividend Portfolio Update for November 2018! Until next time!

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