Dividend Portfolio Update for October 2019

I have to start this update by giving an apology to all my readers. I had some personal business that I had to take care of and that resulted in having to redirect all the potential dividend portfolio funds to it instead. It looks like the troubled waters are clearing up and I will be able to go back to supplying my portfolio with its much-needed funding!

A lot of portfolio news has occurred in the last three months. The biggest of which is the fact that I transferred my holdings from Robinhood to TD Ameritrade.  I’m sure everybody has heard of the recent $0 commission for trades that have been occupying the news lately. I believe Charles Schwab was the first to announce it; with TD Ameritrade and Fidelity quickly following suit. Robinhood was a good home for my portfolio when it was smaller. Free trades, simple UI, and the ability to do it quickly from my phone? Great for a beginner. But as my investing strategy matured, I needed something a little more dividend growth-friendly.

And as a long term holder of my dividend growth stocks, it’s pretty vital that my portfolio can DRIP (Dividend Reinvestment Plan). I like the idea of set it and forget it. Great companies can continue to pay me my dividends, which in turn, I will use to purchase even more shares. You might have heard of the infamous Dave Ramsay’s Debt Snowball? Well, this is it’s older and cooler brother – The Income Snowball.  Of course, changing brokers required me to learn a new interface and there are some pros and cons to using TD Ameritrade versus Robinhood. Hopefully one day I will be able to write those thoughts down in a blog post.

The Dividend Growth Portfolio hasn’t been fully stagnant, however. I’ve been using the dividend payouts over the last few months to purchase additional shares of some great companies. I’ll try and capture the last few months of dividend activity in today’s post but please check out my portfolio page if you’re looking for a complete snapshot.

On to the massive update!


  • $1,042.09 in dividends for the last 3 months.
  • I added $113.80 to my annual income.

Dividend Noob October Portfolio Value

The chart probably doesn’t help much because I just moved everything over.

Account Deposits
I added $1,000 to my dividend growth portfolio account back in August. I also cashed out some series EE savings bonds that I was given to as a child. Now I had a decision to make concerning the savings bonds. They had finally matured to their full value and I could have left them to gather interest but they would have done so at an interest rate of around 2%. I went ahead and decided to go ahead and cash those out and transfer the funds over into my portfolio. This added another $1,881.74 to the account.

Total: +$2,881.74

August Dividend Payouts

GIS General Mills $33.32
AT&T AT&T $77.01
VZ Verizon $24.70
CVS CVS $27.50
LOW Lowes $4.95
SDIV SuperDividend ETF $13.40
NGG National Grid $18.05
ABBV AbbVie $36.38
MAIN Main Street Capital $11.89
PG Proctor & Gamble $23.87
O Realty Income $13.14
AAPL Apple $15.40
WRK WestRock $32.31
SBUX Starbucks $15.48
PZZA Papa John’s $5.40
WSM Williams-Sonoma $7.68
CLDT Chatham Lodging $17.05
August Total: $377.53

September Payouts

F Ford $49.65
V Visa $2.50
PSX Phillips 66 $14.40
PFE Pfizer $5.76
SO Southern $27.28
CVX Chevron $7.14
IBM IBM $37.26
TGT Target $29.70
XOM Exxon Mobil $24.36
JNJ Johnson & Johnson $23.75
WBA Walgreens $9.15
MMM 3M $31.68
SDIV SuperDividend ETF $13.40
O Realty Income $13.14
DUK Duke Energy $29.30
MAIN Main Street Capital $11.89
GILD Gilead $12.60
CLDT Chatham Lodging $17.05
TROW T. Rowe Price $19.76
ARCC Ares Capital $42.00
ARCC Ares Capital $2.10
Total: $423.87

October Payouts

KO Coca-Cola $24.80
EMN Eastman Chemical $14.26
MRK Merck $11.00
DEO Diageo $20.79
MO Altria $63.00
SDIV SuperDividend ETF $13.08
MAIN Main Street Capital $11.89
STWD Starwood Property Trust $22.08
CAH Cardinal Health $35.12
Oct Realty Income $13.17
OZK Ozark Bank $11.50
Total: $240.69

3 Month Total : +$1,042.09


  • 10 shares of WRK @ $34.75
    This adds $18.20 to my annual income.
  • 5 shares of EMN @$67.50 and 3 shares of EMN @ 62.45
    This adds $19.84 to my annual income.
  • 3 shares of MMM @ $158.75, 1 share of MMM @ 167.18
    This adds $23.04 to my annual income.
  • 10 shares of MO @ $43.80, 2 shares @ $46.00
    This adds $40.32 to my annual income.
  • 3 shares of JNJ @ $128.65
    This adds $11.40 to my annual income.

Total = +$112.80 added to my annual income!


  • 0.392 shares of OZK @ 29.3006.
    This adds ~$0.36 to my annual income.
  • 0.463 shares of CPB @46.81
    This adds ~$0.64 to my annual income.

Total = +$1.00 added to my annual income!


None. But I am debating on selling all my shares of PZZA because they aren’t a stock that follows my dividend growth criteria. Thoughts?


Just seeing the DRIP section of my update makes me happy. As of today, I have every stock in my portfolio DRIPing. Not sure if I will keep it like that but I want to bask in its glory for as long as I can. Hopefully, everything gets back to normal for me financially and I can continue to add more funds to my dividend growth portfolio.

Thanks for reading everybody! If you have any questions, please feel free to leave them in the comment section below.

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