Dividend Portfolio Update for July 2017


  • $93.18 in dividends
  • Added $1,450 to dividend portfolio

I can’t believe how fast July has come and gone. It just felt like yesterday that spring was just starting and the weather was nice and now summer is already in full effect with its blistering heat. Right now I can’t even go outside without starting to sweat. Oh well, the seasons they be a-changing.

I also officially turned 33 this month and it’s nice knowing that my goal of passive dividend income is still chugging along nicely. This month hasn’t been that unique for my dividend portfolio but there’s a few gems in here.

The portfolio did very well this month with my account being up 2.6% for the month. Combine that with the dividends that were paid out and I’m a very happy man.

beginner dividend portfolio

(Your phone is dying!)

Account Deposits

We had two cars to register this month that had to be paid for as well as some car maintenance which took about $500 of cash away from my investment account. But that’s okay, gotta be able to drive!

As usual, I automatically pull out $200 per paycheck with automatic deposit and at the end of the month, I throw whatever is left into the account. This time it happened to be a spare $1,050.

$200 + $200 + $1050 = $1,450

I don’t foresee any expenses in August so I’m hoping I can put at least $2k into the account!

Dividend Payouts

Another solid month of returns. With the new cash, I can continue to keep buying even more dividend income producing stocks. To give a nice idea of the returns I received, I could use that money to pay our car insurances (split monthly), Netflix, Amazon and UFC Fightpass bills. Not too shabby.

No real big surprises this month so let’s go ahead and look at the break down:

KO $22.94
MRK $4.23
SDIV $12.17
STWD $19.68
MAIN $0.93
CAH $9.71
GE $0.96
CSCO $5.51
CLDT $17.05
ARCC $38.00
CLDT $17.05

Monthly Total: +$93.18

Stock Purchases

I didn’t buy a whole lot this month but I did manage to add to a few positions on some dips.

  • 10 shares of VZ @ $43.20
    I’ve written about VZ before in the previous dividend updates and it seems thisis a case of a market continuing to be bearish on the stock unfairly. It doesn’t bother me as I purchased even more shares. The stock has since rebounded back to $49. Verizon’s next dividend payout in October should be increased as well if they want to continue their Dividend Contender status. This adds $22.80 to my annual income.
  • 10 shares of WSM @ $46.35
    This Dividend Contender has been paying increasing dividends for the last twelve years. They currently sit at a 3.3% yield and a 43% payout ratio. This adds $15.60 to my annual income.
  • 5 shares of CVS @ $77.95
    CVS has been paying out increasing dividends for fourteen years and is classifed as another Dividend Contender. They currently sit at a 2.4% yield and a payout ratio of 35%. They just recently increased their dividend to $1.50 a share.  This adds $10.00 to my annual income.
  • 2 shares of IBM @ $147.25
    I understand a lot of the concern with IBM with declining revenue but I decided to add two more shares to my already small position. IBM currently sits at a 3.9% yield and a payout ratio of 44%. This adds $12.00 to my annual income.
  • 4 shares of LOW @ $73.00
    LOW is a Dividend Champion with a staggering 55 years of increasing dividends. Sitting at a 1.8% yield and a payout ratio of 45%, LOW continues to increase revenue year over year. This adds $6.56 to my annual income.
  • 2 shares of SO @ $47.18
    Southern Co is a company that distributes electricity and natural gas to approximately 9 million customers in nine states. They currently give a 4.6% yield and have a payout ratio of 83%. This adds $4.64 to my annual income.

Annual Income = +$71.60


Stock Sells

Nope. Nada. Zilch.


The dividends keep going up, the portfolio keeps going up and my passive annual income keeps going up. There’s absolutely nothing that I can complain about because life is good. Thanks for reading!

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    Happy late birthday!!!

    Enjoy reading your monthly div portfolio summary. Thanks!

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