Dividend Portfolio Update for June 2017


  • $328.00 in dividends
  • Added $1,400 to dividend portfolio

It’s been a great month for my dividend portfolio as I have added $1,400 to the investment account and received $328.00 in dividend payments for the month of June. This is a staggering amount and it’s the first time I can realize the power of dividend income and it’s ability to truly help someone live the passive income lifestyle. While I’m far off from achieving that goal it’s enough to keep the dream alive.

beginner dividend portfolio july 2017

Account Deposits

I had some unexpected purchases this month so I was unable to put a large amount into my account like I did last month. That didn’t stop me from adding $1,400 this month though.

I automatically pull out $200 per paycheck with automatic deposit and at the end of the month, I throw whatever is left into the account. This time it happened to be a spare $1k.

$200 + $200 + $1000 = $1400

Dividend Payouts

This has been an amazing month for my dividend producing portfolio. Twenty three companies paid me a piece of their profits just for holding a few shares of their stock.

There was one surprise this month:

NGG – They paid out a special dividend of $5.42/share this month that somehow got past my radar. They are a European based company so their dividend fluctuates quite a bit. They have their normal dividend coming in August as well. Their current yield is 10% with a PE ratio of just over 13.

The rest of my dividends are broken down as follows:

PSX $11.20
SBSI $11.20
PFE $5.12
F $11.40
BA $4.26
V $1.65
SO $12.76
NGG $54.22
XOM $6.93
TGT $12.00
IBM $9.00
SDIV $12.17
CVX $4.32
JNJ $8.40
MAIN $0.93
DUK $25.65
QCOM $18.24
FLO $25.50
MAIN $1.38
GILD $10.40
TROW $26.22
ARCC $38.00
CLDT $17.05

Monthly Total: $328.00

Stock Purchases

I didn’t buy a whole lot this month but I did manage to add to a few positions on some dips.

  • 2 shares of CVX @ $103.15

CVX is still trying to recover from the spike up it had at the beginning of the year. While I don’t have a huge position, I have to root for one of my Dogs of the Dow stocks.

  • 5 shares of XOM @ $79.45

XOM is in pretty much the same boat as CVX but not as severe. I added a few more shares regardless. The yield sits around 3.3% currently.

  • 5 shares of T @ $38.90

T has grown in my portfolio 8% already and continues to provide a 4.5% yield on top of that. I don’t mind adding a few shares to the pot.

  • 5 shares of VZ @ $46.55

VZ has been hit hard recently and it’s currently 10% down in my portfolio. It’s currently sporting over a 4% yield and is near its 52-week low. I might potentially be adding more to this position in the future to average down even more.

  • 15 shares of TGT @ $49.80
  • 10 shares of TGT @ $55.55

The recent sentiment for TGT continues to drive the price of this Dividend Champion down towards its 52-week low. It’s rebounded slightly but it’s still about 6% in the red overall in my portfolio.

They also just recently announced a 3.3% dividend increase which, while good, appears very low compared to their 1/3/5/10 year dividend growth rate. I hope whatever issues they continue to have can be rectified so that this dividend champion can continue to bring great returns for their investors.

Stock Sells

Nope. Nada. Zilch.


I wish every month can be as amazing as June. How did everybody else fare? Leave a comment. Thanks and until next time!

3 thoughts on “Dividend Portfolio Update for June 2017

  1. Doug Reply

    You rocked it this month. Good job. Lots of companies paying you a solid dividend. Keep it up

  2. Dividend Noob - David Post authorReply

    Thanks Duncan!. Robinhood has treated really well since I signed up for them. The only caveat is you’ll have to go elsewhere to do your due diligence on a stock since Robinhood doesn’t have anything remotely useful besides Yield and PE Ratio (which is sometimes not accurate).

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