Dividend Portfolio Update for May 2017


  • $87.19 in dividends
  • Added $2,100 to dividend portfolio

dividend portfolio may 2017

Account Deposits

$300 + $200 +$200 + $200 +$1,200 = $2,100

I mentioned last month that I was able to pay off my car loan and that was going to free up more cash every month. Well here’s the first month after the fact and I was able to put $2,100 in my account this month. It feels good when you accomplish one of your goals and can see the immediate effect from it. I’m hoping every month can be similar and I’m going to work towards hopefully adding similar amounts.

Dividend Payouts

Another decent month in terms of payouts. The portfolio managed to collect +$87.49 in dividend payments.

The following is the breakdown :

CVS $4.00
T $12.74
VZ $6.35
 SDIV $12.17
OHI $13.23
PG $4.83
CAT $4.62
HCN $13.05
CLDT $16.50

Stock Purchases

  • 61 shares of F @ $11.00
  • 10 shares of F @ $10.95

I have a soft spot for the Ford Motor Company and I continue to buy them even though they seem to be unfairly treated on the market. They currently sport a 5% yield with a PE Ratio of just 12. Perhaps the money can be put else where. This adds +$42.60 annually.

  • 5 shares of TGT @ $56.20

TGT has been getting hit hard lately and this Dividend Champion of 49 years has a bunch of DGI’s questioning whether or not retail is dead. I used the dips to continue adding to my position because I don’t believe Target is going anywhere, anytime soon. This adds +$12.00 annually.

  • 5 shares of CLDT @ $18.98

This REIT has provided me with ample dividend payments throughout my course of owning them and has over 10% growth of my share price on top of it. This adds +$6.60 annually.

  • 5 shares of MAIN @ $38.60

MAIN dipped 5% and I grabbed a few shares. I think its still overpriced right now but I don’t mind averaging down if it does indeed drop more. The funny thing about MAIN is that it still just manages going up regardless of my thoughts on it. It currently sits at a 6% yield with a PE of 13. This adds +$11.16 annually.

  • 9 shares of SBSI @ $33.12

I’ve talked about this unique bank before and I continue adding shares to it. It’s currently sporting a 3% yield. This adds +$8.73 annually.


Annual Dividend Portfolio Increase for May: +$81.09

Stock Sells

  • 5 shares of AAPL @ $153.25

I decided to sell my few shares of AAPL because it jumped up 30% in value since I bought it. Not a typical move for a dividend investor like my self but it would have taken me 15 years to equal the same amount in dividends.


Overall it was another solid month of dividends and as a beginner dividend growth investor, I find joy in picking up high quality dividend stocks. I’m still waiting on some deals when it comes to which stocks I would love to own. Everything just seems to be getting more expensive. Until next time!



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