Dividend Portfolio Update for November 2017

I hope everybody had a good Thanksgiving and made the time to spend it with their loved ones!

Also if you live in the States, Black Friday descended upon us and thankfully my family didn’t spend too much. Every year there seems like there are less deals which is a good thing because my wallet wouldn’t like it very much. It’s good to treat yourself every now and then but it’s also important to keep an eye on the prize—passive income!

The portfolio had a great month that includes over 3% growth! We’re in a really strong bull market and it just keeps on surprising both myself and wallstreet.


  • $137.10 in dividends
  • Added $1,400 to dividend portfolio

Dividend Portfolio November 2017

Account Deposits

As usual, I automatically pull out $200 per paycheck with automatic deposit and at the end of the month I throw whatever is left into the account. With Christmas and the holidays coming up, I’ve lowered the amount I would usually put into the account. Still, $1,400 isn’t too shabby.

$200 + $200 + $1,000 = $1,400

Dividend Payouts

November’s dividend payout is on the higher end this time. To put it into perspective, the money that I’ve received in dividends is more than enough to pay for my electric and water bill for the month!

$15.19 T
$24.19 VZ
$6.50 CVS
$3.69 LOW
$12.17 SDIV
$13.65 OHI
$4.83 PG
$0.95 MAIN
$13.05 HCN
$4.68 CAT
$5.85 WSM
$17.05 CLDT
$15.30 SBSI

Monthly Total: +$137.10

Using Google Docs, I keep a running spreadsheet of how much dividend income I receive every month. I think it’s important to realize the growth of your passive income over time. In November 2016, I received $55.67 in dividend income. If we do the math, that means my November dividend income has increased +146.27% compared to the previous year. That’s insane!

Stock Purchases

Not a whole lot of action on the purchasing side. I struggle to find any great deals on dividend stocks. There’s a few good deals out there but nothing that screams at me.

  • 30 shares of OHI @$28.15
    This adds +$78.00 to my annual income!
  • 10 shares of MRK @$55.50
    This adds +$19.20 to my annual income!

Total addition to my annual income: +$97.20

Stock Sells

  • 37 shares of QCOM @ 63.40
    I sold QCOM after it spiked up on news. I originally bought shares around $51-52 which means roughly $10 a share profit.
  • 10 shares of DIS@ $103.05
    DIS is one of the few stocks that I  flip because it tends to bounce between supports pretty frequently.  While this stock has nothing to do with the purpose of the blog, it’s nice to make some quick cash every now and then. Originally bought at $97 and sold at $103.


Another solid month. Right now I’m sitting on about $6,000 of unused funds in my Robinhood account. Any plays out there? I love to hear about them.

Thanks again for reading!

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  1. dividendgeek Reply

    Nice portfolio. Hard to find bargains, but they are there. If you don’t want to be in the sidelines look into vanguard ETFs. VIG invests in stocks which have had 10+ Years of dividend increase.

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