July Monthly Dividend Payouts and Portfolio Updates!

It was business as usual for the month of July. As I have previously stated in prior months updates, I auto-transferred $300.00 into my Robinhood account. I have it set up to send $150 twice a month(both are sent right after my paychecks are deposited into my checking account). On top of that, I am making it my goal to add additional deposits every month. These one-off deposits will fluctuate based off how much is left at the end of the month. At the end of this month, I transferred an additional $500 dollars to my investment account. This was outstanding compared to the goal that I set last month of $150!

July Portfolio Update

  1. Bought 50 shares of ARCC @ $13.95.
  2. Bought 75 shares of SDIV @ $20.51.
  3. Bought 50 shares of FLO @ $18.56.
  4. Bought 20 shares of FLO @ $18.20.
  5. Bought 15 shares of PSX @ $75.50.
  6. Sold 35 shares of CSIQ @ $15.72.
  7. Sold 30 shares of MSFT @ $56.58.
  8. Sold 20 shares of AAPL @ $103.06.

The ARCC purchased was to average down after ARCC dipped and it has since rebounded. I opened a new position in both SDIV (6.6% yield) and FLO (3.5% yield). This was due to their evaluation and part of my plan to increase my dividend stocks. The 2nd purchase of FLO was to take advantage of the 30 cent dip that occurred.

Three stocks were sold during the month of July due to two different factors. MSFT and AAPL were sold due to locking in the growth return that they have achieved. MSFT was approaching around a 20% growth return and AAPL was approaching over 11%. AAPL has been fluctuating a lot recently and I’m not opposed to getting back in if it decides to dip again. CSIQ was sold at a lost in an effort to start trimming some of the bloat. I still own plenty of shares and I’m more comfortable holding on to it now.

July Monthly Dividend

  • KO–          50 shares @ $0.35 = $17.50
  • RAI–       20 shares @ $0.42 = $ 8.40
  • MAIN–   77 shares @ $0.18 = $13.86
  • CLDT–   32 shares @ $0.11 = $3.52
  • STWD–    40 shares @ $0.48 = $19.20
  • CSCO–   30 shares @ $0.26 = $7.80

Total for June: $70.28

Another good month overall for the portfolio. My financial goals for the next month is to add an additional one-off deposit of at least $150 to the portfolio. Add this on top of the auto-deposit of the $300 that will happen in July will let me have $450 to invest in. If I can do another $500 next month, even better!

I hope everybody else had a good investment month! Let me know in the comments!

You can check out my portfolio to see my latest holdings.

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