June Monthly Dividend Payouts and Portfolio Updates!

The month of June was plagued with the uncertainty caused by the announcement that United Kingdom leaving the European Union. This announcement caused the stock market to drop after the news was released but it now appears to have rebounded back to it’s original spot. It had little effect on my portfolio and on my Monthly Dividend payouts!

I auto-transferred $300.00 into Robinhood in June. I have it set up to send $150 twice a month. The plan is to up this amount once the car is paid off as well as add additional one-offs every month in order to continue raising the amount of money I have available to invest. The one-off deposits will fluctuate based off how much is left at the end of the month.

I did some clean-up on the portfolio. I sold some stocks that I felt had skyrocketed above their price and felt that locking in profit was the right thing to do.

June Portfolio Update

  1. Sold 17 shares of WMT @ $70.75. This was my entire position.
  2. Bought 30 shares of MSFT @ $50.00. This is an entirely new position.
  3. Bought 25 shares of TGT @ $67.04. This is an entirely new position.
  4. Sold 5 shares of ABT @ $39.55. This was my entire position
  5. Sold 52 shares of NFLX @ $96.50. This was my entire position.

The big story here was the selling of my shares of NFLX. Thankfully I sold them at a profit (albeit minimal) and can use that capital to continue with my game plan of investing in good growth dividend stocks.

June Monthly Dividend

  • F–          50 shares @ $0.15 = $7.50
  • WMT–   17 shares @ $0.50 = $ 8.50
  • JNJ–      10 shares @ $0.80 = $8.00
  • MAIN–   77 shares @ $0.18 = $13.86
  • CLDT–   32 shares @ $0.11 = $3.52
  • MAIN–    77 shares @ $0.28 = $21.18
  • ARCC–   50 shares @ $0.38 = $19.00

Total for June: $81.56

It’s been a pretty good month overall for the portfolio. My financial goals for the next month is to add an additional one-off deposit of $150 to the portfolio. Add this on top of the auto-deposit of the $300 that will happen in July will let me have $450 to invest in.

You can check out my portfolio to see my latest holdings.

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